Here is a list of current staff at Partnership for Safety and Justice. If you need to contact any of us via email, please use our webforms. We do not post complete email addresses because it leads to torrents of spam (we have tested and proven this theory). For the most part, you can reach a staff person by sending a message to their firstname (at using the @ symbol) safetyandjustice (dot) org. If you're not sure who you want to email, you can use our general Contact Us form and we'll direct your email appropriately.

Andy Ko, Executive Director, Ext. 205 

Raised in the Northeast, Andy has spent half of his professional life in the Pacific Northwest. An attorney by training, the first decade of his career involved litigating homelessness prevention cases in New York City and providing general legal services to low income people in the state of Washington. Andy later served as Director of the Drug Policy Reform Project of the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington and State Strategies Counsel for the Drug Law Reform Project of the national ACLU. Andy came to PSJ following three years as Campaign Manager for the Campaign for a New Drug Policy at the Open Society Foundations. He attended Tufts University and New York University School of Law.

Shannon WightDeputy Director, Ext. 210

Raised in Portland, Shannon spent two years working for the Metropolitan Public Defenders before moving to New Orleans in 1994. She spent almost fourteen years there working for criminal justice reform primarily in the area of juvenile justice. Initially hired as an investigator/mitigation specialist working on death penalty cases, she later co-founded the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana. Before moving back to Portland, she spent two years as the Policy Director for Innocence Project New Orleans. She joined PSJ in March 2008.

Kerry Naughton, Crime Survivors Program Director, Ext. 203

Kerry joined PSJ in September 2008, after spending ten years working on national and international victim assistance projects in Washington, DC. The focus of Kerry's projects included: teen victimization; sexual assault; dating violence; human trafficking; prison sexual violence; faith-based victim services; rural victim services; public education; and victims' rights in the United States and in the International Criminal Court. Oregon has a vibrant victim assistance field, and Kerry is thrilled to be a part of it through PSJ.

Lindy Walsh, Administrative Director, Ext. 202

Lindy has almost thirty years of experience in nonprofit finance and administration. She has worked for queer rights, environmental causes, consumer issues and against domestic and sexual violence.  Her role in the organization is to provide the board and staff with accurate financial information, ensure that we comply with all applicable laws governing non-profit organizations, coordinate the organization's long-term planning, and manage the operation of our office.

Denise Welch, Communication and Development Associate, Ext. 201

Denise joined Partnership for Safety and Justice in January 2007, after three years as a member. She brings with her more than thirty years of administrative experience and a passionate commitment to criminal justice reform. Denise's work experience includes many years of government and public service. As a person with personal experience with the criminal justice system, Denise brings a unique combination of professional and personal experiences which make her a valuable contributor to PSJ.

Andrew Ek, Intern, Ext. 209 

Andrew is a graduate of Portland State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology. He begins pursuing a Masters in Criminology Fall 2014. Andrews brings an energetic personality and diverse perspective to PSJ. He grew up in an impoverished community in Lowell, MA but has never let the lack of opportunities there affect his outlook for the future. Andrew hopes to one day become an attorney so that he can serve his community in a way that is fair and just to all people.