No one should go to jail for marijuana. Too many people have been punished, and too many of them have been youth and people of color. Too many tax dollars have been wasted without increasing public safety.
PSJ is excited to host an evening conversation with Senator Floyd Prozanski and Paul Solomon, Executive Director of Sponsors and member of the Lane County Local Public Safety Coordinating Council, to discuss HB 3194 and receive the latest Justice Reinvestment updates.
Over 300 people attended our Justice for Youth event last Saturday to call for an end to the prosecution and incarceration of youth as adults. Our purpose was to raise awareness of the social and personal harm caused by policies that allow young people to be punished as adults.
Please come to a special community event: Justice 4 Youth on Saturday, Sept 13th in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Learn about the negative impact of "tough on kids" laws and be a part of promoting a dialog about solutions to targeting youth as young as 15 years old for prosecution in the adult system.
Our “Member Voices” initiative seeks to collect stories and experiences from people impacted by the public safety system to inform our work and shed light on needed changes. Telling your story is simple and confidential. Learn more….
We have a new executive director! We are very pleased to announce that Andy Ko, an attorney with a law degree from New York University but roots in the Pacific Northwest, has taken the helm as PSJ's executive director as of July 14th!
PSJ is proud to host a film screening of the documentary, “Crime After Crime” on July 10 in Salem. Featured at the 2011 Sun Dance Film Festival, the film focuses on Deborah Peagler, a woman brutally abused by her boyfriend, who was sentenced to 25 years-to-life for her connection to his murder.
A criminal justice system promoting safe and healthy communities is a widely shared goal; yet adversarial perspectives often block opportunities for meaningful collaboration. PSJ is involved in a national effort to create a more holistic paradigm for addressing crime and victimization.
Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the Reynolds High School shooting. Acts of violence like this can shake everyone in the community. If you are experiencing trauma, please know that you are not alone and help is available.
We are excited to host an evening conversation with Speaker Kotek and hear more about her legislative role and thoughts on justice reinvestment in Oregon. This exciting conversation will be facilitated and co-presented by our interim executive director and state representative, Jennifer Williamson.
Last night in a historic vote in Oregon, John Hummel, an attorney and former member of the Bend City Council, won in a landslide election against the incumbent district attorney. Hummel campaigned on a platform of keeping Deschutes County safe by preventing crime and investing in community safety.
We can't believe it ourselves, but PSJ will be 15 years old this year. How the time has flown by! Look for opportunities to help us celebrate...coming to your email inbox throughout the year. And we'd love to receive a birthday present from you! Generous donations gladly accepted.
Piper Kerman, author of "Orange is the New Black" (a bestselling memoir and hit Netflix TV show), came to Portland last week to support PSJ!
Join us April 23rd from 5:30 to 7pm for a panel discussion on criminal justice reform featuring Piper Kerman, author of "Orange is the New Black, My Year in a Women's Prison." Dr. Keva Miller, Professor at PSU and ALverda McCoy, Mercy Corps Northwest will also be on the panel.
Partnership for Safety and Justice is thrilled to announce that State Representative Jennifer Williamson will serve as our interim executive director until a permanent executive director comes on board.
The short 2014 legislative session ended on March 7th, and what a whirlwind of activity it was! We had enough time to make some gains and see some harmful ideas fail. Click "read more" for a recap of what we accomplished together this session.
HB 4037 is Partnership for Safety and Justice's priority bill for the 2014 session. It represents two years of work by staff to ensure that youth convicted of Measure 11 crimes aren't exposed to adult prison.
PSJ members, staff, board, and allies worked hard to pass HB 3194 in the 2013 session. Learn more about justice reinvestment in Oregon and how your county is investing their funding.
Racial justice advocates and organizers are delivering Facing Race: 2013 Oregon Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity to the legislators at the State Capitol on Wednesday, January 15. Each member of the Oregon House and Senate was given an individual grade, based on their votes and leadership.
Every year, PSJ members from across the state gather at the Capitol to talk to their legislators about the things we know matter: justice reinvestment, youth justice reform via Measure 11, and policies that help survivors of crime rebuild their lives. Please join us on February 11th!