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Headline Date
Alternative sentencing for parents will come to Deschutes County February 10, 2016
PSJ is Featured Organization in RJCO Quarterly December 21, 2015
Taking charge of the holidays December 16, 2015
The Momentum Has Become a Movement November 5, 2015
LEAD...What's Not to Love? November 5, 2015
United for Justice October 28, 2015
When We Focus on Children and Families October 28, 2015
Saving Lives 10% at a Time October 23, 2015
It's Time for a Fresh Look at Oregon's Earned Review Policy for Youth October 23, 2015
Connecting to Something Greater than Myself October 23, 2015
A Long, Strange (and Successful) Session October 23, 2015
A supportive spirit in wake of UCC shooting October 7, 2015
California's Prisons Will Change Solitary Confinement Rules September 1, 2015
A long, strange (and successful) session August 14, 2015
Commentary: Seattle took the LEAD; Oregon should follow July 19, 2015
Time for a new look at Oregon's youth justice policies June 18, 2015
“Ban the Box” receives bipartisan Senate approval June 11, 2015
Governor signs campus sexual assault privacy bill June 11, 2015
Our View: Don't siphon off prison savings just yet May 27, 2015
Unified message for Oregon: Reinvest in justice May 24, 2015
Healing the Body and the Mind of Victims April 24, 2015
Stronger Families Make Safer Communities April 24, 2015
A Fair Chance for All April 24, 2015
"Why Do Women Stay?" is the Wrong Question April 24, 2015
Why I'm Here April 24, 2015
Election 2014 Brings Important Public Safety Reforms April 24, 2015
PSJ's 2015 Legislative Agenda: Another Step towards Safety and Justice April 24, 2015
Housebound: Washington State Offers an Alternative to Sending Parents to Prison. Is Oregon willing to Try it? April 23, 2015
Oregon Lawmakers Propose Alternative To Prison For Offenders Raising Children April 9, 2015
Barack Obama Commutes Sentences of 22 in Drug War Overhaul Effort March 30, 2015