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Headline Date
Home Safe Home: Why Abuse Often Leads to Homelessness March 27, 2014
Women Exiting Prison Have New Place to Reconnect with Their Children March 4, 2014
Racial equity report card indicates positive trends, work to be done February 25, 2014
Health Reform Long Overdue for People Leaving Prison January 28, 2014
Not 'them,' but 'us' January 22, 2014
Moving Beyond One-Dimensional Views of the Victim's Perspective January 15, 2014
The Times They are a-Changin' January 15, 2014
It's Not "Us vs. Them" - PSJ's Holistic Perspective January 15, 2014
Oregon's Legislature Grapples with Racial Equity January 15, 2014
Oregon's Public Safety Destiny January 8, 2014
Where are people getting out of prison supposed to go? January 8, 2014
Planning for the Future - 2014 and Beyond December 26, 2013
Looking Back, Looking Forward - Leadership Transition at PSJ December 26, 2013
Dylan and the DoJ? The times they are a-changin' December 19, 2013
Crime prevention promotes prison savings goal December 5, 2013
Thousands of Oregon inmates to gain health insurance as they exit prison November 25, 2013
Counties use $10 million to expand programs, cut Oregon prison admissions November 20, 2013
It's up to counties to choose well in reshaping public safety systems: Guest opinion October 28, 2013
Report: OR Makes Progress on Juvenile Justice; More to be Done October 24, 2013
Marissa Alexander Illustrates How the Legal System Can Abuse Domestic Violence Survivors October 21, 2013
Oregon prison population to drop as sentencing reforms take hold October 1, 2013
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month September 30, 2013
Better solutions are on the front end, not the back September 27, 2013
Criminal Injustice: The percentage of African-Americans in Prison September 23, 2013
Using Racial Impact Statements to Tackle Systemic Inequality September 19, 2013
Sex Offender Registration: A More Nuanced Approach September 19, 2013
Is it possible that the War on Drugs is ending? September 13, 2013
Survivors Spoke Up for Safety & Support August 30, 2013
Unfinished Business - Youth Justice August 30, 2013
The Nuts and Bolts of House Bill 3194 August 30, 2013