Our Work

Partnership for Safety and Justice has four distinct programs:

Safety and Sentencing Program: This program promotes approaches to public safety that help foster safe communities, are fiscally responsible, and reduce our over-reliance on prisons. This program promotes safe and sensible sentencing reform (with a special focus on youth), as well as proven and effective alternatives to incarceration like drug courts.

Crime Survivor Program: This program is dedicated to promoting progressive responses to the needs of crime survivors. We are building a base of crime survivors who advocate for a system focused on prevention, offender accountability, and assistance to help survivors rebuild their lives.

Youth JusticePartnership for Safety and Justice believes that public safety is best served when youth in trouble are held accountable and given the services they need to succeed in the juvenile justice system rather than the adult criminal justice system. Our Youth Justice Campaign works to combat the laws that automatically try, sentence and imprison youth in our adult system.

Legislative Work: PSJ appoaches each legislative session with real optimism and momentum. We are working with a large coalition of diverse and powerful voices. Each year we bring Oregon closer to sensible approach to building safe and healthy communities.

Our goal is to reduce the amount we spend on corrections and reinvest those savings to strengthen a smarter, more effective public safety system that invests in addiction and mental health treatment, victim and re-entry services, and community corrections.