Safety and Sentencing

Our Safety and Sentencing program works to develop approaches to public safety that help foster safe communities, are fiscally responsible, and curb the unsustainable growth of Oregon’s prison system. The program promotes safe and sensible sentencing reform (such as use of earned time), diversion programs like drug court, and has a special emphasis on youth justice.

Program Spotlight

PSJ Executive Director Andy Ko joins a panel of esteemed colleagues Tues, Oct 13th, from 7-9 pm, to discuss racism in Oregon's criminal justice system.
A new national report released today, “Who Pays? The True Cost of Incarceration on Families,” reveals the hidden costs of mass incarceration, through the voice of those most affected, poor families.
Angel and her sons spent years separated from each other when Angel went to prison. “It was hard on them not being together and away from me. It caused them emotional problems. The bond between them was somewhat lost.”
We're so excited to introduce you to our new Development Director, Cleo Tung!
Over the past couple of months, several major newspapers have published editorials about how Justice Reinvestment is working and needs legislative support to continue to be successful, including the Albany Democrat Herald, Medford Mail, Eugene Register-Guard, Statesman Journal and East Oregonian.