Safety and Sentencing News

PSJ is honored to be the featured organization in the Fall 2015 issue of the RJCO Quarterly, published by the Restorative Justice Coalition of Oregon.
PSJ's communications and development associate, Denise Welch, looks at how the momentum for criminal justice reform has turned into a movement, not only in Oregon but across the country, in this Fall 2015 Justice Matters article.
In this Justice Matters' article, ED Andy Ko writes about Seattle's LEAD program (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion) and his hopes that Oregon adopt the program state-wide.
In this Justice Matters' article, Deputy Director Shannon Wight discusses a very special day at the Capitol in May of 2015. Over 50 people from interest groups as diverse as the district attorneys and criminal defense lawyers, met with legislators about the need to continue Justice Reinvestment.
In this Justice Matters' article, Policy Associate Gina Anzaldua writes about why it's time for Oregon to implement an earned review policy for youth who are incarcerated.
Deputy Director Shannon Wight summarizes the 2015 Legislative Session.
PSJ's new Development Director, Cleo Tung, shares a little about herself and why she believes in the power of philanthropy.
PSJ's Deputy Director Shannon Wight writes about the progress made toward reforming Oregon's criminal justice system during this Legislative Session and why we're still fighting the good fight. (Street Roots)
PSJ Executive Director Andy Ko writes about Seattle's LEAD Program (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion) and his hopes for Oregon to adopt a similar program statewide. (Street Roots)
The Medford Mail Tribune understands Justice Reinvestment. "The state's prison population has leveled off and begun to decline. But after only two years, lawmakers in Salem are already itching to divert some of the money to other state budget needs. That's premature."