Reports and Resources

Racial Disparity and its Consequences in Oregon's Criminal Justice System

Oregon Inmate Cost-Per-Day

Crime Trends and Incarceration Rates in Oregon 

  • The report Crime Trends and Incarceration Rates in Oregon reviews crime statistics in states with and without mandatory minimum sentences and shows that similar drops in crime occur in states without mandatory minimum sentences.

Brennan Center for Justice

  • The Brennan Center for Justice is a non-partisan law and public policy institute that works on issues of democracy and justice like voting rights and access to the courts through scholarship, legislative and legal advocacy.

Cost-Benefit Knowledge Bank for Criminal Justice

  • The CBKB is a project of the VERA Institute of Justice and Bureau of Justice Statistics with the goal of improving the understanding and use of cost-benefit decision making in criminal justice policy making.

Drug Policy Alliance 

  • The Drug Policy Alliance is a national organization working to reform drug policy and end the war on drugs.

FAMM (Families against Mandatory Minimums)

  • FAMM is a national organization advocating for sentencing reform at the state and federal levels.

Justice Policy Institute

  • The Justice Policy Institute provides research and promotes effective policy solutions to social problems and works to end society's reliance on incarceration.

Justice Strategies 

Oregon Criminal Justice Commission 

Pew Center on the States 

The Sentencing Project

The Vera Institute of Justice

Washington State Institute for Public Policy (WSIPP)