Youth Justice

Partnership for Safety and Justice believes that public safety is best served when youth in trouble are held accountable and given the services they need to succeed in the juvenile justice system rather than the adult criminal justice system. Our Youth Justice Campaign works to combat the laws that automatically try, sentence and imprison youth in our adult system.

For the 2013 legislative session, we are focused on increasing judicial discretion for youth tried as adults.

Comprehensive changes are needed for youth tried as adults that would insert judges back into the accountability process. These reforms are designed to increase the likelihood that youth are rehabilitated and able to become successful members of our community when they come home.

  1. Provide an “earned review hearing” for youth serving adult sentences at which a judge can determine if youth can serve the remainder of the sentence on mandatory supervision.
  2. Remove second degree offenses from being automatically waived to the adult system. Youth would be held accountable through the juvenile justice system for these lower-level offenses.
  3. For youth automatically transferred to the adult system, allow a judge to hold a hearing to determine if the youth should be handled as an adult or juvenile (known as reverse waiver).


PSJ released a comprehensive study, "Misguided Measures: The Impact and Outcomes of Measure 11." "Misguided Measures" is the first study of the impact of Measure 11 on Oregon's youth and provides important information and analyses that will help PSJ, it's members and it's allies to work to reform laws that try youth as adults in Oregon.


Program Spotlight

PSJ is honored to have Piper Kerman, author "Orange is the New Black, My Year in a Women's Prison" (on which the popular Netflix series is based) in Portland to support the work of PSJ. Please join us!
Partnership for Safety and Justice is thrilled to announce that State Representative Jennifer Williamson will serve as our interim executive director until a permanent executive director comes on board.
The short 2014 legislative session ended on March 7th, and what a whirlwind of activity it was! We had enough time to make some gains and see some harmful ideas fail. Click "read more" for a recap of what we accomplished together this session.
HB 4037 is Partnership for Safety and Justice's priority bill for the 2014 session. It represents two years of work by staff to ensure that youth convicted of Measure 11 crimes aren't exposed to adult prison.
Every year, PSJ members from across the state gather at the Capitol to talk to their legislators about the things we know matter: justice reinvestment, youth justice reform via Measure 11, and policies that help survivors of crime rebuild their lives. Please join us on February 11th!