Youth Justice

Partnership for Safety and Justice believes that public safety is best served when youth in trouble are held accountable and given the services they need to succeed in the juvenile justice system rather than the adult criminal justice system. Our Youth Justice Campaign works to combat the laws that automatically try, sentence and imprison youth in our adult system.

For the 2013 legislative session, we are focused on increasing judicial discretion for youth tried as adults.

Comprehensive changes are needed for youth tried as adults that would insert judges back into the accountability process. These reforms are designed to increase the likelihood that youth are rehabilitated and able to become successful members of our community when they come home.

  1. Provide an “earned review hearing” for youth serving adult sentences at which a judge can determine if youth can serve the remainder of the sentence on mandatory supervision.
  2. Remove second degree offenses from being automatically waived to the adult system. Youth would be held accountable through the juvenile justice system for these lower-level offenses.
  3. For youth automatically transferred to the adult system, allow a judge to hold a hearing to determine if the youth should be handled as an adult or juvenile (known as reverse waiver).


PSJ released a comprehensive study, "Misguided Measures: The Impact and Outcomes of Measure 11." "Misguided Measures" is the first study of the impact of Measure 11 on Oregon's youth and provides important information and analyses that will help PSJ, it's members and it's allies to work to reform laws that try youth as adults in Oregon.


Program Spotlight

Over 300 people attended our Justice for Youth event last Saturday to call for an end to the prosecution and incarceration of youth as adults. Our purpose was to raise awareness of the social and personal harm caused by policies that allow young people to be punished as adults.
Our “Member Voices” initiative seeks to collect stories and experiences from people impacted by the public safety system to inform our work and shed light on needed changes. Telling your story is simple and confidential. Learn more….
We have a new executive director! We are very pleased to announce that Andy Ko, an attorney with a law degree from New York University but roots in the Pacific Northwest, has taken the helm as PSJ's executive director as of July 14th!
PSJ is proud to host a film screening of the documentary, “Crime After Crime” on July 10 in Salem. Featured at the 2011 Sun Dance Film Festival, the film focuses on Deborah Peagler, a woman brutally abused by her boyfriend, who was sentenced to 25 years-to-life for her connection to his murder.
Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the Reynolds High School shooting. Acts of violence like this can shake everyone in the community. If you are experiencing trauma, please know that you are not alone and help is available.