PSJ In The News

Partnership for Safety and Justice is frequently quoted in the media as an expert resource on a range of criminal justice reform issues. Additionally, letters to the editor and guest columns written by PSJ members are regularly published in Oregon newspapers. Follow the links below to read (and listen to) PSJ in the News:

Headline Date
Home Safe Home: Why Abuse Often Leads to Homelessness March 27, 2014
Racial equity report card indicates positive trends, work to be done February 25, 2014
Health Reform Long Overdue for People Leaving Prison January 28, 2014
Oregon's Legislature Grapples with Racial Equity January 15, 2014
Dylan and the DoJ? The times they are a-changin' December 19, 2013
Crime prevention promotes prison savings goal December 5, 2013
Thousands of Oregon inmates to gain health insurance as they exit prison November 25, 2013
It's up to counties to choose well in reshaping public safety systems: Guest opinion October 28, 2013
Report: OR Makes Progress on Juvenile Justice; More to be Done October 24, 2013
Better solutions are on the front end, not the back September 27, 2013
Is it possible that the War on Drugs is ending? September 13, 2013
More People Released from Oregon Prisons Need Substance-Abuse Treatment August 15, 2013
More Funding for Domestic Violence Prevention in Oregon July 10, 2013
Kids deserve better than to be denied a second chance June 21, 2013
Will Gov. Renege on Promise to Young Offenders? June 11, 2013
What will be the Fate of Oregon's Criminal Justice Reform Effort? June 5, 2013
Oregon lawmakers begin hearings on bill to scale back mandatory minimum sentence law June 3, 2013
Why are the district attorneys opposing public safety reform? May 17, 2013
The High Cost of Measure 11 May 5, 2013
OR Public Safety Poll: A Lot Has Changed Since 1994 May 2, 2013
Do prisons make us safer? The numbers suggest not March 26, 2013
Changes to mandatory sentences get positive review from Portland crowd March 13, 2013
Oregon Rethinks Juvenile Justice Approach March 4, 2013
The false choice between victims and sentencing reform February 22, 2013
Valentine's Day? Just Another Tough One for Domestic Violence Victims February 13, 2013
Lawmakers have opportunity to flatline prison growth January 18, 2013
Jail Is Broken: Kitzhaber says, "Read my lips: No new Prisons" December 6, 2012
"Smart On Crime": A Growing Trend in OR? November 14, 2012
Oregon prison puzzle: Cut costs but keep public safe October 28, 2012
Local enforcement of fed’s immigration law weakens public safety October 26, 2012