National Dialogue for a New Public Safety Paradigm

The national influence of Partnership for Safety and Justice is growing based on our report, Moving Beyond Sides: The Power and Potential of a New Public Safety Policy Paradigm, released in December 2011. This concept paper describes and promotes a holistic approach to criminal justice policy that works with everyone most impacted. We believe in order to truly change the political landscape around public safety policy to allow for significant and sustainable change, we need to move beyond the oppositional silos of the victim advocacy field and the prison downsizing field. 
This paper was disseminated and discussed with funders and practitioners in both fields and received incredibly positive feedback. In fact, a collaborative of funders and policy advocates came together in 2012 to organize two national convenings to further explore and promote the need for such a paradigm shift. 
Kerry Naughton, our Crime Survivor Program Director, and David Rogers, our Executive Director, participated on the planning team for those convenings and Partnership for Safety and Justice played a lead role in coordinating the effort.
The first convening was held in Los Angeles in June, 2012 and the second was held in San Francisco in January of 2013. This is a concrete example of how PSJ is providing critical lessons and insights that are benefitting the national work on public safety policy.