New Polling Boosts Public Safety Reforms

Partnership for Safety and Justice recently commissioned a poll to ask Oregonians about the targeted reforms contained in HB 3194, which embodies the recommendations from the Governor’s Commission on Public Safety.

This poll shows broad support for the policy concepts included in HB 3194 and the results are consistent with years of public opinion research focused on Oregonian’s attitudes about public safety policy. In the past two years, both PSU’s Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute and Pew’s Public Safety Performance Project have released polling that shows strong support in Oregon for public safety reform.

This most recent polling continues to reflect that Oregonians are ready to shift toward strategies that maintain accountability, modify sentencing to allow for greater investments in crime prevention, and restore balance to our justice system.

You will find that these results show strong support for:

  • Allowing prisoners to earn an increased reduction in their prison sentence by following prison rules and successfully completing education and treatment programs
  • Authorizing judicial discretion for mandatory minimum sentences (with explicit support for the three Measure 11 offenses: Robbery II, Assault II, and Sex Abuse I)
  • Increased use of community corrections when paired with swifter penalties for violations of parole and probation and increased access to addiction and mental health treatment
  • Earned-review hearings for youth sentenced to mandatory minimum sentences

In addition, this poll demonstrated a public appetite to go further in treating youth differently than adults. Particularly, the poll showed high support for the policy embodied in HB 3193. HB 3193 would allow hearings where judges could determine whether youth charged with a Measure 11 offense should stay in the adult criminal justice system or be waived back to juvenile court.

These poll results, along with the growing base of organizational support from around the state, chart a real path forward for the reforms recommended by the Governor’s Commission on Public Safety and discussed by the Joint Committee on Public Safety.

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