Take Action: Tell your legislators to support smart corrections reform

Your Action Is Needed Now!

The legislature is now in session and so much is at stake. Help us deliver an early message to your legislator to support smart corrections reforms. We have an opportunity to dramatically improve Oregon’s ability to create safe and healthy communities.
The Governor's bipartisan Commission on Public Safety have recommended a package of reforms that would really move Oregon in the right direction.
Oregon’s prison population is expected to increase by more than 2,300 people in the next decade, which would mean an additional $600 million in new expenses. The state is on an unsustainable path of prison growth that will limit funding available for critical programs like victims services, addiction and mental health treatment and critical crime prevention programs. The cost of doing nothing is too high.
The package of recommendations has been developed by system stakeholders informed by solid research and best practices. Through modest policy changes and sentencing modernization we can flatline prison growth and create millions of dollars in savings to invest in public safety programs best designed to prevent crime and rebuild lives.
For more information about the Commission’s recommendations, click here.

We need your help. Legislators need to hear from their constituents that there is strong support for comprehensive corrections reform. The time is now. It will only take a few minutes to personalize our suggested messages and send an email directly to your legislators. If you don’t know who your legislators are, don’t worry. Our system is smart and simple and will send your email directly to the right lawmakers. It’s easy but also incredibly important. Please join us. 

Act now!